2 weeks of MoveGB for £1

MoveGB is ‘the every activity membership’ with unlimited access to 1000s of gyms, classes, studios and just about anything that gets your body moving. The platform gives members the daily freedom to mix up their activity and choose to workout in ways that they actually love! Movers have unrestricted access to an incredible variety of activities, from top brands like Virgin Active, to yoga studios, climbing walls and even handstand classes, allowing you to Do Your Thing!


Created by serial entrepreneur Alister Rollins, MoveGB is now the UK’s largest activity marketplace with 200,000 users and over 3,000 physical activity providers. Move is on a mission to enable lifelong health and happiness for all. Allowing people to live more spontaneous, energy filled and exciting lifestyles; following passions and turning ‘I wish’s into ‘I will’s!

This month, we’ve teamed up with them so that you can try it out for yourself. Head  here  and reedem 2 weeks for just £1!!

Some of our favourite gyms that we can recommend on the app are:

Train Dirty London – Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Founders of London’s toughest 45 minute workout, The Skinny Rebel Workout

BLOK London

Blok believe that training is about more than just breaking a sweat.  all of their classes focus on building skills, improving technique and achieving constant progression.

Say hello at www.MoveGB.com | @MoveGB | Facebook.com/MoveGB

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