8 time poor hacks you need to know

8 time poor hacks

We talked to Lawrence Price who’s been a Personal Trainer for a decade in London and spends about 10% of his time training ‘athletes’ and about 90%  training regular people who are also holding down demanding jobs and have numerous commitments to distract them away from their fitness training routine. 

His job is to help people to keep that fitness plate firmly spinning, and to do so he has developed a few essential hacks over the years to ensure heightened training efficiency and lifestyle optimisation ‘on the go’!

ONE: Don’t know how to maximise the little time you have to train? Roll all your training into one! When you actually find an hour to train it has to be efficient. Split your training session into 3 sections to maximise time and cover all those bases. Start at a low intensity so focus on your prep exercises then build the intensity up and focus on your resistance exercises and finish with  conditioning – this is where you ‘build your engine’ and increase your aerobic threshold through a series of higher intensity athletic body weight movements.

TWO: Don’t even have enough time for the gym? Focus on the 2 other pillars of health – sleep and nutrition. Drink your quota of water a day and get your 7-8 hours sleep!

THREE: Struggling to control the quality of your meals? Simply put, if you’re training less often you need to eat better, simply cook double portions at supper and use the left overs for breakfast – non conventional but gets you closer to your fitness goals than cereal, toast and orange juice ever will!

FOUR: So you’ve found time for one big training session and you really want to make it count! Train with a simple circuit format. A PHA (peripheral heart action) workout its great for this and should only take 45 mins in total…perform the following as a circuit, A) Chest Press B) Leg press C) Lat pull down D) 4 mins cardio at 75% effort. Then 2 minutes rest and repeat for 4 rounds total.

FIVE: Be happy and therefore perform better (more training efficiency!). If you suspect that you are stressed then take some time away from your training to implement some mindfulness and wellbeing techniques…your training will benefit and you’ll be busting out tip top express sessions in record time! 

SIX: Avoid injury…being ‘out of action’ means your training efficiency massively suffers. Embark upon a balanced training programme that doesn’t focus on hammering a few body parts only, make sure you are still rotating your programme around the body to share the workout load and allow joints and tendons enough time to recover.

SEVEN: Mindset – develop a mindset that prioritises training and healthy habits, if only for the small windows of opportunity, its amazing what can be achieved with an all embracing positive mindset but be under no illusions, it is an ongoing process…but oh so worth it!

EIGHT: Morning metabolic boost – have I saved the best ‘time poor hack’ for last?! If you’re going through a particularly hectic patch and work has completely taken over your life then how appealing does burning fat whilst sitting at your desk sound? Pretty darn appealing right…in that case a quick 10 minute HIIT morning routine to boost your metabolism for the rest of the day could be the answer. 

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