AM Workout #2 – 500m Row Test

Blow the lungs out in this short but brutal workout

Put your anaerobic and power to the test in this workout that is going to blow your lungs!

Active Man Athlete Lee Phillips has set the 500m row challenge – it is only short, but it is a great way to test you out.  Here are a few tips for achieving your best time –


  • Perform a general cardio vascular warm up with stretching and mobility to raise your heart rate and prep your muscles and joints. Pay particular attention to your posterior chain and hamstrings as these are hit hard during the row.
  •  Then perform 5 x 100m row with 1 min rest between sets. Gradually increase your pace to that which you are looking to hit for your 500m.
  • Take 2-3 minutes rest following your final 100m, your then ready for your 500m! Its an all out sprint so hit it hard!


Lee hit 1:19.1 which on the Concept 2 leaderboard is the the 11th fastest verified time in the world this year. Log on the Concept 2 site and see where you rank.  Want to see more of what Lee is up to, check out him on the ‘gram – @leephillips999

Sub 1:30 = Top 300 in the world this year.
Sub 1:25 = Top 100 in the world this year.
Sub 1:20 = Top 20 in the world this year.


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