AM Workout #3 – WOD

Need a bit of inspiration for your next workout?  Try this WOD from Active Man Turf Games Athlete and all round great guy James Pook.  This one will work the full body and will have you gasping for air once you finish the 5th round.

Warm yourself up for this workout with some dynamic full body stretching, as well as getting the heart rate up with a few 100m sprints on the ski erg or rower.  Best to allow 25 minutes to complete this WOD.

5 rounds

500m row
15 deadlifts
15 burpees over the bar
15 pull ups
15 over head kettle bell swings


James is using 100Kg on the deadlift and 24kg kettlebell swings as a guide.  Choose a weight you feel comfortable with to complete the reps


< 20min – Turf Games ready
20-23min – Athlete status
>23 min – Persistance beats resistance


For more from James, check out him on the ‘gram at @mpt.jamespook

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