Meet Caspar, CEO of Fresh Fitness Food

This month, our founder Andy Manteit went 1 on 1 with great friend of Active Man Caspar Rose, CEO of Fresh Fitness Food about his epic journey to creating the best food delivery service in London, and what it took to get the business off the ground and thrive…

Who is Caspar Rose and what’s your story?

Coming from a sporting background in Australia while working in some of the world’s top restaurants, finishing my apprenticeship in commercial cookery at Aria (Matt Moran), while rowing for Sydney Rowing club. I had a good understanding of how good quality food can support lifestyle and performance.

Moving to London to work for Gordon Ramsay at the Michelin star Maze in Mayfair as sous chef brought a wealth of knowledge about UK produce and new cooking techniques while managing a big team at the highest standard.

I am currently the CEO at Fresh Fitness Food.

Your background is working in some of the top restaurants for some of the top chefs from around the world, what are some learnings from that world have you brought to FFF?

You set your own standards in life, working in a kitchen the standard of hard work is constantly pushed, when people say ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘I couldn’t work those hours’. They could, its just about the standards you set for yourself, once you’re comfortable at that level you can easily push yourself there in any other area of work or life. 

Tell us just how important fuelling your body with the right food is? 

At FFF we focus on the science behind weight loss or gain and performance. Macros / calories. But the make up of those calories is often just as important, finding ingredients that are fresh and as close to their original form as possible is always going to give you the best chance of recovery and mental capacity. 

Where do you source your ingredients from and how important is that? 

We place great importance on ingredients, we source daily from New Covent Garden market in London which brings in seasonal produce from all over the UK. In the restaurants I worked in, there was always a strong culture behind respecting the produce and not wasting or f’ing it up. Its taken a long time to grow and other people have worked hard on it, so ensuring it will help and better people is important to me, my chefs and FFF. 


What is one bit of advice you wish you could have been told when running your business that could have saved you a lot of time or money? 

Get a really good accountant. From day 1.

What are some of the things that you do to stand out from your competition? 

We produce over 3000 products / meals a day. Each one is bespoke. No one is doing that. We put in the extra effort and cost to do this because we firmly believe that each of us require unique macro’s to best achieve our goals. 

 How do you train – when? where? and why? 

I spin at Ride Republic – it’s super competitive which I enjoy. Then I weight train at a few gyms around London, in the last year I’ve taken up yoga at Core Collective to help with mobility but also my mental state. I would highly recommend this to anyone who lifts and has a stressful job. 

What do you eat post and pre workout? 

I don’t really have any diet preferences around my work outs, I believe in ensuring you get the right macro’s and fibre across your day and you will be fine. Before a big session a ‘Pret Bar’ is brilliant but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone trying to lose fat. 

What’s the next big thing for FFF?

We have plans to take FFF abroad into other major cities. But in London there is so much to achieve, we want to look for ways to make FFF as accessible as possible to everyone and educate people around healthy habits, an ‘app’ might be on the way… 

Quick round:

Justin Bieber or Harry Styles?  JB

Sydney or Melbourne? Sydney for the sun, Melbourne for the food.

Snow or beach? BEACH – I’m from Byron Bay

Drink of choice?  Angelica Zapata – 2013 Malbec – Argentina (if you ever see it buy a case)

What’s one item in your gym bag you couldn’t live without? Shoes – Id say get a few different pairs dependant on your training as it changed up my squat dramatically. You can find a strong selection @theactiveman (no he was not paid to say that 🙂

3 people you would invite to a dinner party?  Winston Churchill, Tim Ferris, Arnie


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