One on One with NYC Tone House PT Zack Daley

Heard of Tone House in NYC and think it should be brought to the UK? Us too! We chat to PT Zack Daley all about being a head trainer there, so read on to find out more about him and the gym.

Who is Zack Daley?

Originally from Pittsburgh PA, Zack grew up with a love of sports, especially baseball and hockey. He was the starting goaltender for his AA Varsity Team High School ice hockey team and lead them to a State Championship. Zack was a pitcher and first basemen for multiple travel baseball teams in the city of Pittsburgh and also acquired 15 years of training in hip-hop, gymnastics, and modern dance.  His pursuit brought him to New York City after high school where he found his passion for fitness. He believes that giving people/athletes confidence and sense of accomplishment is the most rewarding part of his position as a trainer, manager and Head Coach at Tone House. Zack currently holds the following certifications:

    • NASM CPT
    • Trigger Point Self-Myofascial Release Techniques
    • USA Weightlifting – Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

For those of us who haven’t been to NYC and tried Tone House before can you please describe it’s classes?

Tone House is the first – ever extreme, athletic- base group fitness studio aimed at unleashing your inner athlete in everyone. Sessions are team-oriented, competitive, fun, and supportive, guaranteeing optimal fitness results. Whether you’re an elite athlete, or just want to train like one, Tone House’s goal is to bring sports conditioning workouts to the mainstream and help individuals improve their mental and physical health and become better overall athletes and people.

Why do you love teaching there?

Teaching at Tone House not only brings me back to my glory days of being an athlete, but it gives me great pleasure in watching other athletes grow. I believe there is no better feeling than watching the growth of a humans success and confidence. We live in a world that is full of stereotypical beliefs, which leads people to think they might not be good enough to wear or do something. No matter the shape, size, sex or race, if there’s a will there’s a way. Anything can be accomplished as long as you believe in yourself. Tone House breaks those barriers. I’ve trained alongside super models, professional athletes,  and movie stars. But when you’re in Tone House all of that doesn’t matter. We are a team! We start as a team and end as a team. Everyone has the same goal when they walk in, but it depends on if they did one thing before they stepped on the turf. “LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR”! That is why I fell in love with Tone House.  

When you’re not training others, how do you like to train?

      • After teaching 25+ classes a week, when I have time and energy I try to attempt the following:
      • 2-3 times a week at Tone House for my sports conditioning
      • 2-3 times a week at the regular gym for my Strength and Power Training

What food fuels your workouts? Do you take any supplements?

  • My food of choice is Tone House Fuel.
  • Supplements:
  • Nitraflex ( By GAT Sports)
  • XTend BCAA’s
  • Favourite part of the day and why?

    I would have to say my favorite part of the day is getting home for sleep. My day can start at 12pm or my day can start at 4am. There is no better feeling than getting in bed after a long day of being on your feet and working out.

     Can you give us some advice for staying on track with reaching your fitness goals?

          • Whenever you are working towards any goal, the hardest part is staying on track. One thing I would say is to find someone you look up to who inspires you physically and also mentally. Someone who motivates you to push harder each workout
          • Download some new music whenever you can to keep your workouts fueled with insane beats and lyrics
          • Purchase new workout gear to look forward to wearing at the gym


    What fun things would you recommend to do in NY?

          • Take a walk through Central Park
          • Update your swag with some shopping down Soho
          • Check out some of New York’s best restaurants
          • Experience the Nightlife of New York City
          • Go take class at Tone House

    What’s currently in your gym bag?

          • At least 2 workout outfits
          • Pre workout and BCAA’s
          • Cologne and Deodorant
          • Beats Headphones
          • Tone House 2 Tank Tops
          • Phone Charger
          • Always have a water bottle

  • Quick fire:

    One must visit place in Manhattan/Brooklyn:

    –  For a workout: Tone House,

    – A sports game/concert at Madison Square Garden

    NFL or Basketball? NFL

    Drink of Choice? Water

    Arnie or Sly? Sylvester (as Rambo)


    If you want to see more of Zack, you can follow all his workouts and daily life in NYC on Instagram @doworkdaley

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