Turf Games – THE PRIZE!

With the finals of the 2017 TURF GAMES  nearing we wanted to give a shout out to all of our epic brand partners that have kindly contributed prizes for the winning team. It’s going to be a close event with Lee Phillip’s team just ahead of Dave Arnot’s…

With the guys working so hard and pushing themselves to the limit over 3 events, it is only fitting that the winning team shares in some great prizes, with the total prize pool more than £2,500.

On Saturday the games will commence at 1pm at CrossFit Shapesmiths in Clapham Common – be sure to follow the live action over on teamathleticlife‘s Insta stories.


1 Rebel 

Each winner will receive a class pass and post sweat protein smoothie from 1 Rebel.




Brewdog have given us 5 x bottles of their Lone Wolf Vodka for each of the boys.




Men’s Health Magazine 

Men’s Health have contributed 5 x 6-month subscriptions to their monthly magazine.







Chicago Rib Shack 

The winning team members will each enjoy a meaty meal at Rib Shack to the value of £50.





Gentlemen’s Tonic

Each athlete will enjoy products from the Gentlemen’s Tonic so that they can smell amazing.





12 x 3

12 x 3 is contributing 5 x 1 hour sessions at their epic boxing gym where each winner will be trained by a champion boxer.





The Active Man 

We will be giving each athlete £75 to spend online or instore.








Ted Baker Fragrance 

Ted has given us a selection of body products for each of the guys.








Fish Soho 

The winning boys will be able to up their hair styling with Fish Soho Original Fishshape Texturising Cream.






Neat Nutrition

Our friends from Neat not only supplied the guys with post workout shakes at every games, they are also giving each winner a big bag of protein to take home with them – legends!







Monster Headphones 

Their is nothing better than amping yourself up with some good tunes through some amazing headphones! Monster are giving a pair of their isport wireless headphones to each of the winners.





Spiced Nutrition

The ultimate recovery will be needed after the finals so it’s only fitting that we teamed up with Spiced Nutrition to give the winning team packets of their magical healing spices to cook up a storm with post-workout.







Granola for Gansters 

The team at Granola for Gansters are giving 5 big bags of their delicious granola – handmade and baked with attitude. 






Fresh Fitness Food 

As well as fuelling all of the guys at every event, the winners will enjoy three days of bespoke nutritious meals delivered straight to their doors!


Jimmy’s Massage 

The guys will certainly need a sports massage after the games, so thankfully Jimmy will be hooking the winners up with 30 min sessions. 120


 JF Rabbits 

JF Rabbits is natural water with 100% of your daily Vit C & Zinc infused with carrot, cucumber and ginger and are made right here in the UK. Each winner will receive a goodie bag with bottles in.




 Cryo Genix

Winners will be treated to Cryo therapy which is a type of healing treatment that uses extreme cold to stimulate the body’s natural responses, reducing inflammation and pain. The perfect post-Turf Games session!








Meridian have given us 5 x 1kg tubs of their natural crunchy peanut butter with no added Salt.








Adidas Bag 

All of the prizes will be packed up and given to each winner in an adidas gym bag backpack.





Who will take this all home? Valued at over £600 for each winner – it’s well worth the fight…BRING IT ON!

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